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If there’s one issue I’ve had for a long time, it’s the difficulty that comes with receiving payments from my international clients and customers and I’m pretty sure you can relate with this if you are a business owner in Nigeria.

Yes, we still find a way to receive payment in foreign currency but it’s been nothing short of a hassle.

Sometime last year, I stumbled on an amazing tool that completely changed all that. 

Introducing – Selar. Selar is one disruptive tool that is changing the E-commerce industry and I am really excited to share it with you.

Selar helps you sell your physical and digital products or services in up to six different currencies which includes USD, GBP, NGN, GHS, KES & ZAR. All you have to do is to set your price in your local currency and it switches  to the supported currency of your customers when they want to make payments. After that, your money is converted to your local currency and credited to your bank account details provided during sign up .

Now how cool is that?

Well that’s not all,

Here are some other amazing things you can do with Selar.

  1. Automated Follow-Up

Now we all know that not everyone who visits your store is going to go through with purchase because of one reason or the other. An hour after this happens, Selar sends them an automatic email that says “Hey, what happened? Do you need any help, here’s a link to complete your purchase”. They also go further to send you an email with the customer’s details so you could follow up too.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Now this is one good way to increase your sales and Selar makes it easy for you. With Selar you can generate an affiliate link for your affiliates which pays them the agreed commission automatically after every sale.

3. Upselling And Cross-selling

Yet another powerful way to increase sales made easy by Selar. All you have to do is to recommend products that previous customers have purchased together or simply recommend products that complement each other to prompt your customers to buy more from your store.

4. NewsLetter Integrations

You can easily export the contact details of your customers from Selar to your email marketing platform via their newsletter integration. This means you can automatically contact your subscribers by logging into your email marketing platform through Selar

5. Subscriptions

 Got a subscription based platform? Then Selar also has an option for you.

With Selar, subscribers can easily get debited at agreed intervals. This saves you the stress of ‘running around’ and trying to get your subscribers to pay their dues. I bet you want to jump on this one if you have a platform that needs this

6. Sell Event Tickets

Got an offline or online event to host? 

Then Selar can help you sell tickets automatically. This also includes exclusive trainings that can only be assessed via tickets

7. Analytics

Track the activities of everyone who visits your store with analytics provided by Selar. This can help you make informed decisions like running retargeted adverts to those who didn’t go through with payments. This process is made possible by the seamless Facebook Pixel Integration.

8. Redirect URLs

Want to redirect customers with a link after payment? You can easily do this with Selar

9. Coupon codes

With coupon codes you can give discounts to your customers while letting them know the actual price. This coupon code can also stop automatically when the set limit is reached.

With all these, you’d probably think that Selar is a hard nut to crack but trust me it isn’t. It’s definitely far from complex and to make it easy for you to navigate the platform, I created a video that takes you through the step-by-step process of getting started and maximizing Selar for your business.

Ready to sign up and get immediate access to these features? Visit Selar to get started

P.S. This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you signup/purchase through one of my links.

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