A Dude, A Digital Marketer, A Geek

Not going to waste your time with a large bunch of shenanigans about myself. I would list the reason why I created this site.

In no particular order

1. Because I am a Digital Marketer and needed my own Playground

2. I wanted to rank #1 for my name and naturally since EMDs are so effective it was easy 😉

3. I can build websites. Why not flex my muscles 😀 😀

Random Person: What do you do?

Me: I am the Founder of Digital Marketing Agency and an avid Digital Marketer. I have worked with brands across the world as a Digital Marketing Consultant to increase brand visibility and revenue growth from content focused online marketing campaigns.

When I am not surfing the net for new trends, you can find me reading a novel with a piece of cake beside me 🙂

I want to live in a world where everybody is a bit more open to other people's arguments and uncertain about theirs...

How can I help you.

My specialty is Digital Marketing - helping individuals and brands to increase their revenue by increasing their online presence.

If you have any questions or need any help, fill free to contact me 🙂

Well, I have rambled enough about me. This blog is about helping you reach your internet Marketing goal and improve your online visibility. You would find tons of tips that would help you take your brand to the next stage.