Hi, I am Oyekunle Damola

I am totally obsessed with growing small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria by leveraging on the Digital space. Just the same way Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just blew up in our faces in no time. With the emergence of these companies, I made it a must to always understand and stay up to date with their algorithm changes. Guess why? They make marketing way easier for small and medium businesses. So, any small tweak they make determines if you make more money or less.

My career in Digital Marketing started 7 years ago. I partnered with a friend to create an e-commerce website. The creation was successful, but we hit our first road block soon afterwards. We wanted to increase the number of visits the site was getting and also increase ROI in form of purchases from the site. With an ever-inquisitive mind I set out to a couple of forums including Quora to get actionable solutions. Right there, I got hooked.

I practiced and perfected the use of paid adverts, especially Google and Facebook ads (your top 2 marketing goldmines) to generate growth and to also advertise products to the right target audience that would be interested in what we had to offer. Then I went on to learn the magic of generating more traffic from email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

The website that spurred my interest does not exist again but knowledge gained via practice and experience, is usually the best form ever. The skills I developed to build visits and sales on that first site has taught me a lot to work with. Plus, it took me to the most unexpected places. For instance, my experience in SEO got me a job with Kaymu (a top e-commerce store in Nigeria. Was enveloped into Jumia later on).

A year later, I was hired by Jobberman Nigeria and later got promoted to Head of Digital Marekting. Working with them, I implemented all the digital marketing channels possible to help the company generate more revenue. Note that most digital marketers would usually focus on a channel and stick there but with a responsibility that has you heading a whole team, you’ll need to do better than one or two channels alone.

After a while, I got comfortable sharing information online and dishing out advice to those facing similar issues I had surmounted. People noticed and started consulting me to help check out their websites, their social media pages and even their marketing funnels to know what I could suggest for them to take action on to grow traffic, increase engagement and increase sales

My passion for growing small and medium scale businesses helped create in me a vision to one day retire from the 9-5 life and have the time to help them achieve growth, get optimal and qualified traffic to their sites. That vision, happened sooner than I envisioned and was precipitated by a major injury I sustained in 2016. This injury resulted in multiple spine surgeries that led to me quitting my full-time job.

While recovering, I realized my days of 9-5 were over. I immediately started networking and searching for clients. All this I did by putting myself out there and helping people out in private Facebook groups and forums. Before long, I was getting tons of requests from people that needed my expertise and wanted me to help them with their websites and social media pages. Soon, I was in high demand for my services and trained amazing people with whom I have been able to build a team that delivers excellent digital marketing services.

Since then, I have had the privilege to work with clients in multiple industries and budget sizes, delivering digital marketing services or consulting with their marketing team to promote their brands in ways that would generate revenue. It’s just amazing that my dreams of getting away from the 9-5 happened early enough and now I have ample time to be your results oriented Digital Marketing Consultant.

These days, I consult, do one-on-one coaching and group training. I spend my free time binging Netflix and playing Rise of Kingdom ?

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