10 Cheap and Lucrative Businesses to Start in Nigeria

Believe me, these days are not the best of times for Nigeria and Nigerians. Today, you hear that hundreds of workers have lost their jobs, and tomorrow, the news bulletin would read that several promising companies have gone under. You begin to wonder if you’re not in an entrapment, where all doors are closed. Our economic recovery […]

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How To Start A Website For Less Than $27

If you think starting a website is costly, then you may be surprised to discover that you’ve been mislead. Because of this, you keep telling yourself that it’s too costly and keep putting it off. Ah… yes… Our nemesis – Procrastination But it’s not your fault if you’ve always assumed building a website is costly. The good news is […]

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Top 17 SEO Myths and Mistakes You Need to Know

With different PR and Digital Marketing companies touting their social media platforms and advertisements to instantly boost the traffic your site receives, it’s easy to forget Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I live and breathe SEO. It’s my go-to method for building sustainable traffic. A lot of my friends ask me what SEO is and when I […]

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