Case Study: Driving Webinar Success in the Health Niche


Digital Marketing Consultant with 8 years of experience

Project Task/Challenge:

The client had a history of hosting webinars but struggled to achieve high attendance rates. The project’s goal was to attract at least 10,000 registrants interested in weight loss and fitness through a diet focused on Nigerian meals.

Project Solution:


Leveraging a combination of social media campaigns and paid ads, specifically through Facebook, the primary aim was to drive targeted traffic to a specially designed landing page. To convert these visitors into live webinar attendees, a comprehensive lead-nurturing system was set up involving email and social media marketing.


  • Facebook Ads: For driving targeted traffic to the landing page.
  • Thrive Architect: To build a high-converting landing page.
  • AWeber: For email marketing automation to nurture the leads.
  • Wamation: To facilitate outreach via WhatsApp.


  1. Traffic Generation: Spent approximately N1,000,000 on Facebook Ads, generating 78,000+ clicks.
  2. Lead Conversion: Achieved a total of 10,647 leads who registered for the webinar.
  3. Engagement: Utilized automated follow-up emails via Aweber and Wamation for WhatsApp notifications to keep the leads engaged from the moment they entered the funnel until the live webinar.
  4. Follow up sequences – We kicked it into high gear and targeted EVERYONE that registered for the webinar to get them over to a sales page STAT so that we can convert them from leads to customers. We also used an email follow up sequence where we sent a host of testimonials and behind the scenes of the product to encourage more sales

The Result

  • Cost: Approximately 1 Million Naira spent on ads
  • Clicks: 78,000+
  • Leads Generated: 10,647
  • Revenue: 4.2 Million Naira by the end of the campaign
  • Total ROAS: 4.2x

Challenges and Solutions:

The cost per lead was higher than expected initially. This was overcome through multiple test iterations to optimize ad targeting and messaging.


The project successfully reached and exceeded the target of 10,000 registrants and achieved a revenue of 4.2 million Naira, thus providing an ROI that well exceeded the initial investment.

We were also able to upsell the registrants and netted over a million in sales + those are qualified leads that would still be upsold other products and services