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About Damola

Damola is a leading expert in Digital and inbound marketing. He has over 6 years of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, online lead generation, and internet marketing. Damola is currently the CEO of Dptrax, an inbound marketing agency helping clients generate more traffic, leads and sales online.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, Damola has played a key role in the launch of online marketing campaigns for local, regional and international businesses and brands. Clients range from a broad variety of industries including health, fitness, education, ecommerce, immigration, and others.

Damola’s also well known for helping business owners with their online marketing campaigns. Some of his most notable clients include Kaymu, Jobberman, Pedisbox, 101Migration, l5Lab, Decagon Institute, Babybliss, GrowthVirality amongst others where he has helped his clients make hundreds of millions of naira.

Damola is also the creator of Facebook Ads Accelerator: Nigeria #1 Facebook ads course and Mini Ads with over 1000 students that are getting Super Amazing results for their clients and business.

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Get Your Cheatsheet TODAY
(available for a limited time)

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