Tired of wasting your time and money running Ads that don’t work?

Come watch me LIVE hit 6 figures with $35 in 7 days with a single Ad campaign and learn how you can do it.

The live event has passed, but the replay is now available for purchase.

You’ve got a product or service you created with love and care. Now, you are looking for the easiest way to get it to your potential buyers with ads.

  • You have tried doing it yourself but after spending tons of money on ads and barely making profit, you have thrown in the towel
  • You’re tired of the constant changes in rules and updates with tons of marketers selling their “secret” formula that never works for you
  • You’ve tried hiring an “expert” to run the ads for you but after one month, you realized you were even getting better results than him.

What if you could skip all of these and learn ONE single thing...Just a SINGLE campaign that would ALWAYS generate revenue for you consistently?


If you’re extremely discouraged because it looks like everyone else is using Facebook™️ Ads to bring in millions of naira while you’re struggling to get A SINGLE AD to work, 

If you are overwhelmed at the thought of even creating a single Facebook™️ Ads campaign because it seems like there’s so many buttons to click, to maybe things to setup and you’re scared you'll do something wrong,

If you are tired of all the “gurus” telling you how you need their exact formula or your ads will never work, then you need my “Mini Ads Magic Workshop” - Come watch me take you behind the scenes of How I made $3,742.52 from $35.64 adspend in just 7 days with a single Facebook™️ Ads Campaign and how you can too.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. 1
    Mini Ads Magic Workshop where I show you how I made $3,742.52 from $35.64 adspend in just 7 days with a single Facebook™️ Ads Campaign
  2. 2
    The 3 Stage process to consistently run profitable ads. Skip this and you would always beat your head wondering why your ads are not working. 
  3. 3
    My WFI method for consistently meeting my target audience when they are ready to buy
  4. 4
    Troubleshooting your underperforming ads campaign
  5. 5
    An in-depth FAQ question covering most of questions you have asked about Facebook Ads 
  6. 6
    and so much more...

Here’s what people are saying about MAM

What about the actual nuts and bolts of setting up everything I teach during the live workshop?

Don’t worry I've got you covered

  1. 1
    Bonus #1 - Complete Ads Walkthrough: Follow these super short simple step-by-step videos to guarantee you are able to get the results that I did. I would walk you through every single thing you have to do to get up and running.
  2. 2
    Bonus #2 - $1 a day strategy:  You will get access to my $1 a day strategy for significantly boosting my audience on Instagram while growing my email list at the same time.
  3. 3
    Bonus #3 - My Private Facebook™️ Ads Checklist: Get access to my private Facebook™️ Ads checklist for consistently setting up Profitable Facebook™️ Ads campaigns.
  4. 4
    Bonus #4 - Ad Swipe file (Best Performing Ads for Businesses in Different Industries): You would be able to jump-start your creative juice to launch multi-million marketing campaigns. I’ve done the dirty work so you don’t have to! 
  5. 5
    Bonus #5 - Million Dollar Landing Page Swipe File: You no longer have to tear your hair out trying to figure out where to start when building landing pages.
  6. 6
    Bonus #6 - Facebook vs IOS 14 Update: Learn everything you need to know about the IOS 14 update and how to get your Ads account compliant for the update. You would also learn how to fix issues in your ad account caused by the update

Hi I’m Damola

This is where I am supposed to tell you a sob story about how I went from making nothing to hitting 7-figures but let’s skip all that and go straight to the good stuff.

1. I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant and the Founder of Dptrax, a Digital Marketing Agency

2. I’ve consistently generated tons of millions for my clients via Facebook™️ Ads over and over

3. I am the creator of Nigeria’s No 1 Facebook™️ Ads Course called Facebook™️ Ads Accelerator last year and I’ve got over 100 students with super amazing results

I’m completely changing everything you know about setting up Ads. I’m taking away all the confusion so you can finally learn how to set up Facebook™️ Ads in a way that would be consistently profitable for your business. 

I’m breaking it all down into simple and easy to implement steps that you can set up in a single day. 

No more guesswork. No more hitting the boost post button. No more sitting and hoping sales come to you.

You are getting a behind the scenes look into the EXACT strategy I used to hit 7 figures in 7 days from a single campaign. I know you think there’s probably a lot of complicated stuff going on but the truth is, my best campaigns are usually the simplest to set up.

Here’s what I want you to know…

Facebook™️ Ads can be amazingly simple when you know how to make it work for your product or service. You can consistently profitable campaigns if you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

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