Want to learn how to fix your unprofitable Facebook Ads?

For just N6,999, I'll be handing you the exact Framework I've used to fix my broken ad campaigns and make 100s of millions for my clients and myself

...without having to spend money hiring experts or waste hundreds of thousands on ads trying to figure out why your ads are not profitable

If you’re like most business owners or digital marketers, then you’ve probably tried to use Facebook (or Instagram) Ads to generate leads or revenue.

That’s definitely a great idea because Facebook Ads is one of the cheapest ways to reach your target audience.

But there’s one huge, looming problem…

Study has it that over 60% of Facebook Ad campaigns fail. 

You know what I’m talking about, right? 

You spend so much on ads and end up completely unprofitable.

You hire top experts to run your ads for you and still end up with nothing to show for it.

Your ads used to generate a ton of sales but now, you barely get a trickle.

You took the time to create an amazing ad campaign, select your audience using the techniques taught by gurus, hit publish, and Zilch. 

It’s enough to make you completely give up on Facebook Ads.

But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way…

Instead of constantly running on the hamster wheel, imagine if you were able to easily figure out why your Ads are not working and the exact steps you need to take to fix them and get results?

Introducing my Facebook Ads Troubleshooting Framework 

- The Surefire Way to Find AND Fix Any Ad Campaign Issues You Have Without Having To Hire A Professional

What you are about to get is based on 7 years of experience running Ads for myself and clients in different industries from Ecommerce to Service providers to Digital Products.

Here’s the thing, 

After making 100s of millions for my clients, my students and myself, I have finally laid out the exact framework I use to audit Ad campaigns for myself and my clients in simple step by step videos so that ANYONE can learn how to fix their broken ad campaigns get consistent results with Facebook or Instagram Ads…
  • Even if you have never setup a single ad before
  • Even if you used to run profitable Facebook ads but can’t get your ads to work no matter what you do
  • Even if you only know how to run Facebook or Instagram Ads with your phone

Best part? 

You are getting the exact audit framework I use on my consultation calls that I charge $100 and above for.

It’s the same framework I use for troubleshooting when launching campaigns and scaling them from $5 a day to over $500 a day. 

This training is so powerful that whether you are a beginner or an expert, you would be completely mind blown because the course is set up in a very simple to follow format because I documented every step of the checklist, together with actual practical and what to look for.

I currently have 2 digital products and in the past 2 years, I’ve done over N45,000,000 in sales from them

You are about to get the exact framework I use when fixing declining ad campaigns or ad campaigns that are not profitable.

Who is this my Facebook Ads Troubleshooting Framework for

  • You’re a beginner who is about to run Facebook Ads and want to learn how to avoid the possible pitfalls you can meet when running Facebook Ads 
  • You are a Facebook Ads enthusiast or specialist who wants to learn how to troubleshoot ad issues so you can start getting amazing results for your clients 
  • You are a business owner who is tired of burning money on Facebook Ads or hiring experts and wants to learn how to fix your ad campaigns yourself.
  • You are ready to completely take control of Facebook Ads and get the exact framework I have used for 7 years to troubleshoot and optimize Facebook Ads campaign
  • You are tired of hitting your head against the wall trying to figure out why Facebook Ads don’t work for you.

Here’s a little Snippet of what you would get when you grab my Ads Troubleshooting Framework Today…

My Complete Ads Troubleshooting Framework that I have used for over 7 years of running ads that covers everything from what to do if your ads is not delivering to what to do when your ads are not making sales and so much more.

  1. 1
    You’ll find out the 6 major possible reasons why it looks like your ad is not delivering – no more beating your head against the wall to figure out whether your campaign is even delivering or not. 50% of the time, it is the 2nd reason 😉
  2. 2
    You’ll discover 4 deceptively simple things you need to look at to find out why people are not clicking on your ad. No 1 and 2 would surprise you!
  3. 3
    You’ll learn the one thing you should NEVER do if you are trying to generate leads using Facebook Ads
  4. 4
    Not getting sales? No problem - You’ll find out the 3 major reasons why your ads are not generating sales. You don’t need to be techie to figure this out!
  5. 5
    You’ll find out the top 3 reasons why your campaigns that used to perform amazingly well are falling short. Best part? You would learn how to figure out the exact reason so you can fix it!
  6. 6
    You’ll discover instantly, what you’ve been doing all this time when running ads that’s actually sabotaging your results – and what you need to do instead to start getting better results
  7. 7
    Unlimited Lifetime access to ALL UPDATES - If you know me, you would know I don’t joke with value. I’m always constantly updating my courses. Here’s your chance to lock in lifetime access to all updates at the early bird price.

And much, much more – my ads troubleshooting framework gives you everything you need to fix your ad campaigns, no matter what level you currently are. 

It’s like a handy tool bet you can refer to anytime your ad campaigns are not working!

The bottom line here is that you’re getting a GREAT deal. And to sweeten the pot even more, I’m going to throw in these bonuses…

Order Now and Get these 4 Bonuses as My Gift to You!

  • My Facebook Ads Safety Blueprint. This is the exact system I use for all my accounts and my client’s accounts to keep our accounts from being banned! It contains everything you need to do to keep your account safe from the ban hammer. From your profile to your ad accounts, everything you need to do to safeguard it is covered! Whether it's your ad creative, your ad account, or your landing page, you would learn how to pass Facebook's compliance tests!

    This bonus alone is an 8 page document that’s worth its weight in gold and I created it specifically for this launch and would start selling it as a standalone product afterwards.
  • My Ad Copy and Creative Checklist I use to critic my campaigns before launch! With this alone, I have been able to run multiple 7 figure campaigns just by following exactly what is in the checklist
  • My Landing Page Checklist (Sales Page and Instagram Page): Imagine having me peer over your shoulder and tell you the exact things I look out for on Landing pages and even Instagram pages (if you do not have websites) that can make or break your campaign! I have had consultation sessions where I charge $100 and all we do is go over every single thing in this checklist!
  • Ad Swipe file (Best Performing Ads for Businesses in Different Industries): You would be able to jump-start your creative juice with the best performing ads from different industries to launch multi-million marketing campaigns. I’ve done the dirty work so you don’t have to!
  • [Newly Added!] How to keep your account sparkling clean (This is one of the most common reasons people’s ad accounts get flagged). I would literally take you by the hand and show you how to clean up your account! What you might find there would shock you!

Liking what you see?

You know having this type of toolkit can only result in unheard of results... just like the ones my clients and students have gotten!

Here’s the thing.

My support channels are chocked full of students who ask me a question, come back, and rejoice about how the simple tweak I taught helped them make 100s of thousands and skyrocketed their earnings.

But you are about to grab a complete troubleshooting framework that covers over 7 years of Facebook ads experience.

Even if you implement a single thing I teach, you would make more than x5 of the price of the course.

And I am not even being realistic.

I’ve had students who took my advice and went on to make millions for their clients. I’ve had business owners that I suggest one small tweak and they come back weeks later with new sales records from their ads!

And these are from people who get one or two tips from me. Imagine how profitable your ads would become if you really mastered this system!

Let me ask you a question.

Would You Trade These Benefits for less than the Price of a Large Pizza?

I’m not kidding. If you order now, you can get everything you see on this page for less than the cost of a large pizza  – just N6,999 ($16)

That price may raise your eyebrows. Maybe you’re wondering how I can give away so much for such a small price.

Even with all this value, I'm still not going to charge an arm and a leg for it.

 I know it's a tad absurd to charge this little for my system, considering I use the exact same system to make 100s of millions for my clients and because you should be able to make that money back in less than three days just by following the instructions in the course

There is only one reason I'm offering it at such a low price -- I want you to become my customer for life.

If I can show you how to troubleshoot your ad campaigns, fix the issues you discovered and turn them into remarkably successful campaigns, how much more likely are you to want to buy more products from me in the future? 

Very likely.

However this ‘early-bird special’ is only good from this page, and won't be available for much longer.

That means you have to take advantage of it right now.

Because once this special offer ends… the offer goes away.

And if you want it later, the price would be MORE EXPENSIVE

So if you want to learn how to troubleshoot your Facebook ads campaign like a pro, simply grab my Ads Troubleshooting Framework at the ridiculous launch price of just N6,999 ($16) (one time).

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Grab my Ads Troubleshooting Framework
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Who's behind Ads Troubleshooting Framework?

Hey, I'm Oyekunle Damola!

And here’s more about me and why I'm qualified to help you take your business to the next level with Facebook Ads.

  • Founder and Digital Marketing Consultant at Dptrax
  • Facebook Certified Media Planning and Buying Professional
  • Certified Customer Acquisition and Value Optimization Specialist
  • Formerly Head of Digital Marketing - Jobberman and L5lab
  • Worked with multi-nationals where I’ve scaled campaigns worth thousands of dollars
  • Generated N250 million ($694,000) in a year for an E-com company from N9 million($25,000) in a month
  • Growth of over 600% in revenue in a 4-year period for a brand using Paid Ads, SEO, Email Marketing and Social media (N3.1m ($7,500) in 2017 to 20m ($48,000) in 2019 to 29m ($69,000) in 2021)
  • Made $65,753 in sales from a 30-day ad campaign with a $3,326.93 ad spend for an Ecommerce client
  • Launched a campaign for a digital product that brought in over $12,000 in sales with less than $1,000 ad spend
  • Privately launched 2 products and generated over N45,000,000 ($110,000) in 2 years

Isn’t it time you learned the truth about Facebook Ads? If you hesitate today, you’re missing an opportunity to make more sale and put money in your pocket. And every day you’re not using this course is a day of more missed opportunities and lost income. Get started now by clicking the button below

P.S. Don't forget, this is a limited time N6,999 offer and it won't be available forever. So to get my Ads Troubleshooting Framework at its discounted price right now, you need to quickly hit the button above and enroll today

Listen, you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity. If you try to run ads without having the right framework to fix any issues that come up, you would end up with a lot of money down the drain.

That makes this offer a phenomenal deal. And even better, it’s risk free…

Fully Backed by my 100% Risk Free Guarantee

I’m so confident that my Ads Troubleshooting Framework is the absolute best way for you to fix your unprofitable Facebook or Instagram ads , that I’m going to back it with my ironclad, unconditional guarantee.

I offer a 7-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Take ATF for a test drive for a full 7 of days. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, simply email me within 7 days of purchase and I’ll immediately issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

This is a completely risk-free offer, so hit the button below to get started right now:


What is Ads Troubleshooting Framework About?

ATF is a framework I created to help you find out why your ads are not working and the exact process you need to take to improve them and start getting amazing results. 


Who is ATF for?

My Ads Troubleshooting Framework is for anyone who has or will ever run Facebook Ads campaigns. Whether you are a digital marketer, a small business owners, service provider, consultant or coach, if you want to learn how to fix your ad campaign and get amazing results, this course is for you


Can beginners take ATF?

Yes of course. Here's the thing... The framework in ATF is the exact framework I had when starting out. It would have saved me a lot of trial and error and thousands of dollars of testing. Even if you have never run ads before, if you would ever decide to, grab ATF today!


Do I get Lifetime Access + Updates?

Yes you do! When you enroll today, you lock in the early bird price AND also get lifetime access to all updates I make in the course!


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