Are you tired of leaving money on the table with your website?

Skyrocket your sales with the most comprehensive Ecommerce Audit that would help you improve sales on your website, increase your average order value and turn your ecommerce website to a revenue generating tool.

You were told having a website would help you scale your online store. So you pay hundreds of thousands to get the website setup. You load up all your products, get excited for the orders to come flooding in and BOOM!... all you hear are crickets.

You have followed all instructions, created a beautiful website, done everything right, and yet, nothing seems to be working. 

Frankly, at this point, you wish you had not spent so much on the website…

What if I told you all hope is not lost?

Yes, your website can be revived from its current state to an automated engine for consistently increasing your revenue!

Through a ton of research, my team and I have been able to put together a checklist of everything your ecommerce website needs to have to take it to the next level. 

It took my team and I years to refine our system and methodology but we finally did it!

INTRODUCING - My Ecommerce Conversion Audit

Now you can drill down your online store and find out where exactly you are leaving (heaps) of money on the table.

With this service, I would audit over 300 CRITICAL CHECKPOINTS and cover every single nook-and-cranny of your store’s conversion process.

At the end of the audit, I would hand over a checklist of actionable points for you to implement on your business asap.

This checklist will show you all the quick wins you can implement right now to significantly increase your sales and average order value from your website. 

Tell me something

How much better would it be for your business if your website started converting more people than it currently does?

You could literally be just a couple of steps away from getting x3 or even x10 of the sales you currently get daily!

All you have to do is click the button below to grab my Ecommerce Audit today.

Here’s the thing.

The ads you run are not the problem.

Think about it. You have been sending people to your website all this while and getting extremely poor conversions.

The reason for this is that your website is not optimized to turn those website visitors into buyers AND repeat buyers!

All ads do is send people to your website.

Your website’s job is to turn those visitors into customers!

And that is here my Ecommerce Audit comes in

In this audit, I would be able to drill down into every aspect of your website, armed with over 300 important checkpoints and 7+ years as a digital marketing consultant, so I would be able to find every possible way to increase the conversion rate of your website.

After implementing the checklisted items from my audit, you are going to see an immediate decrease in your customer acquisition cost and an increase in average order value. These two alone will automatically mean your ad campaigns would get you better results.

Preview of the checklist

(34 out of 300 checkpoints)

Who am I and why should you trust me?

Hi I’m Damola Oyekunle, a Digital Marketing Consultant and the founder of Dptrax, a Digital Marketing Agency. I’ve helped multiple businesses hit over 7 figures monthly consistently through a combination of different digital marketing channels. You can check out some of my results here 

I’ve always been a “tech guy” at heart and during my 7+ years in the online world, I have built tons of websites and always been obsessed with how to improve the conversion rate of those websites to increase sales and profits.

Bottom line?

I have a super deep understanding of the exact things you need to improve your website’s conversion rate and I am happy to share this knowledge and result with you.

Awesome! So how does it work?

  1. You book an Ecommerce Audit with me

  2. I go over every conversion checkpoint and evaluate your store

  3. I present the result in a simple and easy to digest AND track format to you

  4. You implement the tasks, starting with those that require the least amount of effort and bring the highest effect to your revenue

  5. Once you are done implementing everything, you start enjoying the increased revenue my audit brought to you.


Get your conversion-focused e-commerce audit NOW!

Got some questions? Simply hit me up via instagram @oyekunledamola or send me an email -> damola{@}  and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.